St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi

Quotes from Mary Magdalen de'Pazzi

“The last thing I ask of you — and I ask it in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ — is that you love him alone, that you trust implicitly in him and that you encourage one another continually to suffer for the love of him.”

“Trials are nothing else but the forge that purifies the soul of all its imperfections.”

“You will be consoled according to the greatness of your sorrow and affliction; the greater the suffering, the greater will be the reward.”

“I do not desire to die soon, because in Heaven there is no suffering. I desire to live a long time because I yearn to suffer much for the love of my Spouse.”

“Prayer ought to be humble, fervent, resigned, persevering, and accompanied with great reverence. One should consider that he stands in the presence of a God, and speaks with a Lord before whom the angels tremble from awe and fear.”